Financial Services

GlobalVox Founder and CEO Kunalsinh Vaghela, firmly believes in a future success will be deeply intertwined with Social impact. In the future of financial services the success criteria will be beyond profit and loss statements, or earnings and losses. It will be much more; creating a vacuum to evolve a value preposition of of a miasmatic line between greater equalities and shared wealth. Large financial organization will slowly realize the line toed in the sand that environment stewardship isn’t just about protecting the planet or going green but also good for business.

GlobalVox professional consulting services provides insights on most pressing issues faced by Fintech industry helping its clients a step ahead. The CEO strives for the culture of hand picking experts of the industry who have proven themselves for more than decades and slowly adding them into the organization, the mere act of handpicking right leadership makes GlobalVox a human-centric organization geared towards confident deliveries and past performance. Our product is our people and these people who create the cohort are the confidence builders of our end clients.