Security & Administrative Problems Faced by NSID:

Due to increasing security threats and problems to its customer service employees, NSID currently took the help of police to secure its water treatment facility’s entrance during the working hours of its operations.

To get a practical solution and enhance the security measures to its water treatment plant and the building, as well as monitor its employees while working on the site continually, NSID approached Global Vox to propose a feasible solution.

NSID wanted future-ready technology with state of the art design to enhance the security of external and internal entrance doors of the main building without any magnetic door lock system. The two external doors are using a keypad for secure access control as of now. NSID management provided just one code to access for all users.

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The Solution
Proposed Solution by GlobalVox:

Global Vox, value added reseller of OCR security & Identity management solutions, took this project as a challenge and suggested a robust Facial Biometric Access Control at the external and internal entry doors along with Time and Attendance as discussed with NSID.

Feature-rich time and attendance applications featuring facial recognition biometric technologies and fingerprint (optional) verification sensors are integrated into the entry door, optimizing time and attendance management software to track control over a range of access points and duty roster arrangements. This generates an audit log of every access attempt made.

The Solution proposed by Global Vox was comprehensive and for internal doors which didn’t have a magnetic door lock protection is by installing a magnetic door lock, Exit switch, and wiring to secure access.

Biometric authentication tools use physical features like face, fingerprint, or voice recognition, to enhance the security and effectiveness of verification processes to restrict & control access to a granular level.

Facial recognition, an incredibly powerful tool, helps to create an advantageous touch-free experience by using face recognition in access control and time monitoring.

The usage of matured facial recognition algorithm security at the doorway offers improved protections and efficiencies for access management and time tracking, making tools simpler than ever to incorporate!

As the technology grows, facial recognition technology can be linked to a temperature sensor for contactless temperature measurement to detect possible threats while calculating the body temperature of the subject while simultaneously recognizing the face and name.

How it Works
About Access Control System Solution for NSID

Access Control System is a leading-edge Security & Identity Management solution for advanced enterprise applications. It is now an easy task to assign entry privileges, door control, and entry and exit management.

Access Control System uses its biometric characteristics and features to provide control access and a time and attendance system. The biometric capabilities include face recognition and finger vein detection, RFID technology.

Access Control System is specifically a database that may contain a person’s biographic and biometric details. The solution can be used either on-site or through the cloud, which is an appropriate option for multiple locations with mainly Facial Recognition. The solution comes with a tightly integrated visitor management system.

In the Enrolment Process, the employee gets enrolled with Access Control System solution and registers the image of an employees’ face into the access control system solution database for Access Control. Data may be uploaded in bulk, too.

In the Time & Attendance process, Access Control System will handle and track the access control of NSID’s employees. This software is built into the access control system for data collection and provides management reports.

The Cloud-based system, Access Control System, ensures features and functionality to get accessed from a web-based interface.

Project Information


North Springs Improvement District (NSID)

Client Details

North Springs Improvement District (NSID) offers Wastewater Collection, Water Treatment process, and Stormwater Management to approximately 40,000 residents of the City of Coral Springs and the Parkland City.