The Problem
Compliance needs for R E Darling:

R. E. Darling managed their front desk lobby area using a manual logbook, with all details being recorded by hand. Due to a need to comply with US Regulatory authorities, and to reduce the risk of audit related fines that can be imposed on them, R. E. Darling required an all-inclusive lobby management solution that not only recorded details of the visitors arriving on site, but was also able to capture the citizenship related details of their visitors, with additional workflows for any foreign nationals arriving to their office.

Due to the sensitive industry of the organization, R. E. Darling required that all the visitors were to be screened through the watchlist screening solution, and for any hits against any visitor or organization name, internal reviewers were to be alerted to check the details before the visitor could be allowed to enter the premises. All these processes were being done manually, making for a time-consuming process.

R. E. Darling wanted an automated one-stop solution that could take care of all their front desk compliance based needs.

The Solution
Proposed Solution by GlobalVox

GlobalVox, a value added reseller of OCR Security & Identity Management solutions, had the solution that could fulfill R. E. Darlings requirements and more.

EASEVisitor, the lobby management solution, was deployed at R. E. Darling with integrated watchlist screening capability and automated reviewer and approval workflow. Visitor badges could be easily configured in order to distinguish between US National and foreign visitors.

Visits could be created ahead of time, meaning there was no need to capture the visitors details as they walked in. In addition, the hosts were able to ask their visitors to provide their details via a web-based form, which would auto-populate the R. E. Darling visitor address book.

A self-service Kiosk was installed allowing visitors to check-in by themselves, thereby freeing up the front desk personnel to be able to manage the non-US National visitors more efficiently.

To fulfill the compliance based requirements, R. E. Darling were able to use a configurable questionnaire to ask the required questions of their visitors, capture a picture of ID cards, provide electronic copies of policy and NDA documents to their visitors to review, and capture a digital signature of the visitor. This information would all be available at their fingertips and would fulfill the auditing requirements imposed on R. E. Darling, enabling them to pull the required reports in a matter of minutes.

The solution was deployed within a dedicated cloud server, providing R. E. Darling with the security they required whilst keeping infrastructure and implementation costs low.

Project Information


R. E. Darling

Client Details

R. E. Darling Co., Inc. is an airlines/aviation company based out of Arizona, United States, specializing in the manufacture of rubber. R. E. Darling aspire to be the world’s most respected and sought after providers of specialty rubber and composite products and services and their community’s most highly regarded employer.