As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nurses and staff used Temperature guns (hand held temperature capture devices) to record the temperature of all incoming patients. Each time a patient arrived to the center, staff members would have to leave their desk area to attend to the patient. These records had to be manually maintained on the system. Due to confidentiality policy, staff members were required to be discrete when performing this task, taking care to make sure not to allow other patients waiting in the lobby area to overhear or see the results.

This process became very time consuming and tedious, with a risk of releasing confidential data.


Global Vox deployed their contactless temperature screening device to ease the process of recording a patient temperature. Placed within the Recpetion area and always ready to capture, the temperature screening device records the temperature of every patient walking into the medical center. The device that was deployed screens over 100 patients daily, as well as employees and service contractors. The results from the temperature screening are displayed directly within a log on the computer screen at the Nurse’s station. This process enabled the medical center to maintain privacy for the patient without other patients knowing the results. With the use of our device, nurses were able to remain productive during the shift with other activities and allowed them to stay behind a protective screen.

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Reyes and Reyes, MD, PA


Reyes and Reyes, MD, PA, are an internal medical practice and primary care facility located in Hollywood, Florida, providing services to patients aged 16. The facility has been in operation for more than 30 years, and they’re dedicated to helping each patient achieve better health. The primary goal of Reyes and Reyes, MD, is to prevent illnesses and promote every patient’s health and well-being. The facility offers all of the latest medical equipment, as well as electronic medical records and online consultations.