Executive Summary

Moving workloads to the cloud sounds promising but can often be fraught with difficulties. Imagine, then, moving workloads for multiple clients, inclusive of mission critical production application loads. Together, Global Vox and OCR Services, Inc., swiftly and smoothly executed such a move from a private host to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Read the full case study to learn more about OCR Services, Inc., successful move, including:

  • Migration of workloads for 350 clients
  • Timeline in months, not years
  • Significant reduction in delivery overhead.

  • About the Subject

    OCR Services, Inc., is the leading provider of global trade compliance management software and solutions for a diverse range of industry verticals. With over 35 years of experience and offices across the world, OCR has been guiding companies through the increasingly complex regulatory environment of our global economy.

    Challenges and Objectives

    OCR provides a suite of Global Trade Management software modules to its clients. Many clients had opted for OCR to host the software, with a significant portion of these clients requiring advanced security due to increased sensitivity for global trade data protection.

    As OCR’s solutions evolved, OCR was observing their hosting solution was lacking the modern considerations necessary in today’s technology realm. With its internal team dedicated to client care and support, OCR turned to Global Vox to find a path into a modern Infrastructure as a Service solution.

    How Product/Service Helped

    GlobalVox, an Oracle Partner, guided OCR in migrating hosted workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In total, 350 clients’ deployed applications – both production and non-production – were moved seamlessly to OCI.

    Each customer represented a unique mixture of modules, tenancy, and data footprint, with several hosting non-production applications on yet another legacy hosting vendor. Together, Global Vox and OCR migrated the database, application server, and web server tiers along with all client data. In addition, Global Vox implemented Rackware’s Disaster Recovery solution in OCI to add further protection from potential outages.


    By partnering with Global Vox for this migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, OCR:

    • Realized a 55% reduction in the cost of their application hosting
    • Seamlessly moved 350 clients’ workloads from legacy to a modern platform, with zero interruption to client’s business operations, in only eight months.
    • Will more effectively evolve products for modern, service-based offering clients have come to expect.

    Supporting Visuals or Quotes

    “Moving our hosted applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure positions OCR to more effectively address our customer’s needs for security, scalability, and extensibility. Oracle is known and trusted in our markets. Using Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure only adds to our value proposition.” - Raj Boveja, President & CEO – OCR Services Inc.

    Future Plans

    Having moved existing workloads to a modern IaaS, OCR can confidently continue to guide clients toward it’s hosted or SaaS offering. Further, as OCR continuously modernizes and evolves its product line the modernizations can include cloud-native and cloud-optimized services previously unavailable as options.

    Contact GlobalVox to explore how your organization can make a thoughtful, business-relevant move to a modern cloud IaaS like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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    OCR Services Inc.

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    OCR’s mission is to transform how businesses manage Global Trade Compliance.