The offices of Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) are situation on the third floor of a building which is home to several other business. Members of the MBCC would frequently visit the offices for events that were held. In addition, the office would welcome walk-in visitors into the building during regular office hours. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the MBCC were taking more precautions with visitors (both invited and walk-in), and they wanted to ensure that visitors with a high temperature or without a mask covering their mouth and nose did not enter the lobby area of the building and subsequently use the shared elevators.


Global Vox implemented their temperature screening and access control (EASEAccess) solution for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

The Global Vox temperature screening and access control device was setup outside of the lobby door area and would record the temperature of the visitor, along with detect if a mask was being worn. If the recorded temperature was within the acceptable range, and a mask was detected, the access control mechanism would unlock allowing the visitor into the lobby area. If either the temperature reading was not acceptable or a mask was not detected, the access control mechanism would not unlock for the visitor. The recorded temperature of each visitor would be displayed at the building receptionist screen so that no visitor could by-pass the required check.

To get the project completed without delay, the Global Vox team worked closely with the building maintenance for the networking and installation of the required hardware. As a result there was no disruption to the other business that were housed within the same building.

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Miami Chamber of Commerce


The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) is a member based network of more than 1000 businesses in the local community and abroad. MBCC hold Monthly Networking Events, Annual Events, Workshops, Informational Seminars and Council Meetings for their members.