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Higher education industry is at a curve of seeking innovations and industry leaders are re-imagining a new way forward for higher education. Our Founder Kunalsinh Vaghela has been deeply invested in higher education industry participating and influencing Higher Education User Group and talking with higher education industry influencers to create a new way forward.

Our CEO believes path forward is rarely paved, time tested can help guide the journey but they are only capable to map the ground which have been covered. Having a vision needs fresh thinking, out of the box approach, the courage to venture beyond, the capacity to fail and a capable partner to guide you on the way. GlobalVox has invested years to be that capable partner.

Future of higher education

“The idea that one can earn a degree at the age of 22 and be set for a career has become as antiquated as the pocket watch.” —Jeffrey R. Brown, dean at the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois, from his position paper: “It’s Time to Transform Higher Education” Experts across higher education suggest that education should look less structured and make room for more variety: calling for new paths, multiple streams, a wider array of credentials — so people can reskill as needed and put those skills to work immediately. Higher education is facing one of its biggest periods of unknowns in recent memory. There’s not a single person or aspect of education that hasn’t been utterly shaken by the pandemic.

Kunalsinh who is a Wharton Graduate and very close to the education sector due to his personal growth and developments; always believed in investing in education and giving back to the society. While continuing to perform his duties as a chief promotor and Chief executive officer he ensures to keep up-to his education and certifications process. With his experiences as a student and also as an entrepreneur he classifies few strategies for student success


Help students develop resiliency


Harness innovations for mental health and excitements


Use analytics to identify obstacles

First cult

First generation students priority

Graduation Gap

Focus on what it takes to reduce first generation graduation gap

Transfer Process

Lack of information and transfer shock - a phenomenon in which transfer students are left confused by new landscape

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