Team-as-a-Service (T-a-a-S)

TaaS is a unique offering by GlobaVox which helps position GlobalVox as a boutique service provider in the midst of many offerings by modular service providers.

What is TaaS?

GlobalVox handpicked and dedicated team crafted and comprised of various specialists that are contracted to help build custom products, design, develop, test , maintain and support end client needs. TaaS enables business leaders to utilize best talent to keep SDLC running smooth. This may include anything from moving workloads to cloud, supporting existing ERP application, building custom software, monitoring and maintaining existing workloads.

The approach towards Taas is simple and evolving, and is broken down into step up methodology. Discovery -> TaaS

TaaS enables to get the most out of your existing team members and functions as an accelerator to help you get your product or services from lab to market faster and on time.

TaaS helps you to leverage on onshore-offshore model if the project or engagement compliances permit, resulting in more economic workforce and the round the clock support due to time differences.

Taas can be onshore offshore or hybrid

Offshore teams

  • Onboard entire offshore teams of IT, functional and administrative experts who work remotely or from our state-of-the-art India delivery centers to support your needs and ensure project success. Our offshore solutions are designed to deliver coordinated multi-shift assistance across multiple time zones.

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    The journey is self explainatory and involves one or two workshop style sessions to unleash challenges and trying to reach to a problem statement. These sessions help to bring to nearness of the situation in what team dynamics should be crafted for the mission. And the engagement slowly can evolve into a small project to build confidence between two teams. Post having clear path to success and alignments of vision and mission statements the next stage would evolve into TaaS and the transition is very smooth.

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    TaaS should be seen as an extension of your business and this dedicated team are not part of any shared services model, these chosen comrades of mix talents are your team members supporting the common goal towards your business needs. And their success lies in your success.

    TaaS - Value preposition

    No business will have all the tools and talents at any given point in time to cater to on demand needs.

    TaaS enables to bring consulting fabric in the mix, which gets you and your existing team more visibility towards market intelligence, technological innovations as these consultants have been catering and working on the latest technology stacks on a glabal platform