During my 12 years of working as a developer, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with many other developers. As developers, it’s our job to create the functionality requested by our customers. However, I’ve noticed that sometimes other developers are hesitant to accept change when customers request alterations to their feature. I believe it’s essential to keep in mind that the code we create is not perfect and can always be improved. We shouldn’t be possessive about our code.

I’ve also observed that some developers are reluctant to move on to new technologies. In my opinion, it’s best to be a jack of all trades rather than a master of one in today’s innovative world. During my engineering studies, I learned Java as a programming language. After graduation, I started working as a PHP developer and learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I think that incorporating supportive technologies to our mainstream programming language can help us broaden our thinking. I’m always open to learning new cutting-edge technology. This attitude has enabled me to gain experience in nearly all technologies, including PHP, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, Blockchain, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle SQL, MSSQL, and many frameworks of these languages.

In my opinion, every day should be dedicated to learning something new. We shouldn’t become too comfortable in our skills and should try to push our limits. I made a decision to switch to a DevOps profile when I was excelling in programming. After working for 11 years in programming and infrastructure setup, I recently switched to ERP development. Even though I had no prior experience with ERP development, my positive mindset towards accepting change helped me make the transition and convince management.

I believe that sharing knowledge is essential, and it’s important to engage in interactive discussions within the team. I make an effort to educate my colleagues and junior developers with what I’ve learned. To me, knowledge belongs to the world, and by sharing it, we can all grow and improve together. Remember, with a positive mindset and an adaptive nature, you have the potential to be a truly valuable asset to any organization. So keep pushing yourself to learn and grow, and don’t be afraid to embrace new challenges and opportunities.

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